15 Fun Exercise Ideas

When you hear the word exercise, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Do you think of the gym and crawling on the treadmill until you are wheezing and drenched in sweat? Or maybe you think about lifting heavy weights on one of the Rube-Goldbergesque strength training machines? If you see exercise as something painful rather than fun, maybe you’ve been going about it the wrong way.  Exercise can be anything that will get you moving! Research has shown that when people exercise for intrinsic reasons, such as enjoyment or to improve health, they feel better and tend to stick with it. On the other hand, when they exercise for appearance it becomes more of a chore, and something they “have to do”, and yup, you guessed it, people were less likely to continue with the regimen. 

What does this all mean?

It means that you’ll be more apt to stick to an exercise plan if you find something that you enjoy! There are many different types of exercise, so try new activities and keep an open mind! You really never know when you will fall in love with a certain exercise routine. Also, much of the enjoyment comes about through the other people there, or which instructor you choose. Make sure that you enjoy breaking a sweat with them. 

Here are 15 ideas to get some exercise in while having fun:

1.    Join a local sports league 

2.    Try aerobic/kickboxing/cycling class in the gym instead of working on the treadmill/elliptical machine

I got a really nice workout in walking and running this day with my daughter. You can always CHOOSE to be more active!  :-)

I got a really nice workout in walking and running this day with my daughter. You can always CHOOSE to be more active!  :-)

3.    Yoga/Pilate - this can be done at home with a YouTube video or at a studio/gym. If you are interested in exploring yoga in depth, private lessons are a great way to help you learn more about yoga and your own body. Contact Honest Health for more information on this (wink).

4.    Ride your bike on a path with beautiful scenery or use a bike to get around town

5.    Power walk with a friend or with an audiobook. Here’s an idea for parents, power walk during your child’s extracurricular lessons/activities. I see parents sitting around waiting for the hour to pass by, why not use it to get some steps in?

6.    Rollerblade 

7.    Ice skate

8.    Dance

9.    Hike - explore nearby trails. You can also join a hiking meet-up group to walk in the neighborhood/park during the week

10. Hula Hoop (why not?)

11. Surf

12. Stand up paddle board

13. Swim/water aerobic. You could even just walk in the water, water makes a great mild resistance to help build muscle

14. Throw the Frisbee around

15. Rock climbing

The list is endless, you can make new friends and find a group of people you really enjoy spending time with while you are at it!

Let’s move!!


Cheers to health :-)  

- Josephine